Teen Fashion Camp, with Laura Twiss

July 16th - 20th

Teen Fashion Camp, ages 13-15
    • personalized instruction (only 4 students per camp)
    • 5 days per camp
    • 9am – 4pm (6 hrs of instruction per day; 1 hour lunch)
    • lunch included
    • supplies included
    • $285 per student

Keep your teenager engaged in learning while school is out. Twiss & Weber will teach your kid sewing skills that are not taught in most school systems. Your teen will come home having learned a new skill and with actual pieces they have made themselves. It is our goal to ensure your teenager is confident with a needle and thread and some machine sewing!

Here are some project examples to choose from:
  • Design and make a square pillow form and pretty pillow case
  • Design and make a fuzzy goofy toy
  • Design and make a bag to carry books and other precious items
  • Design a fabric and build a lunch bag
These are some skills which will be taught:
  • Time management
  • Cutting
  • Drafting patterns
  • Machine sewing
  • Straight sewing
  • Topstitching
  • Installing a zipper
  • Hand sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Appliqué
Your teenager will choose which project they want to make. They will be shown examples of finished projects and fabric samples. From there they will be given coloured pencils and paper and asked to “sketch” how their item will turn out. Collage, using magazine cut outs or fabric samples, is strongly encouraged. Your teenager will be taught throughout this project that they might make slight, or not so slight, adjustments as they create their piece. We will teach your teenager how to draft his/her item on paper and to transfer those ideas to fabric, creating a three-dimensional object.

Each teen will work at his/her own pace. Should your teenager complete one project, he or she may begin a new project.