Back to School Fashion Camp, with Laura Twiss

August 20-24

You are heading back to school and you need to make a few items to wear to knock off the socks of your BFF!

Accessories are the key.  Easy to learn, easy to make, easy to wear and wear with style.

Head bands, bracelets, scarves, bags, etc.  Come with many ideas.  

Supplies are included!  Lunches are included. 

We'll lunch and taste the offerings of Hintonburg from the Hintonburger to The Table.  We'll eat healthily and frugally.

Course duration:  9am - 4pm July 30-August 3rd
Prerequisite:  Interest in designing and sewing!
Cost:  $322.05 hst included
Fabric and supplies:  included!

Besides, you might just make a few items for your best besty.  And, she'll love you for it!

  • Monday - create an image board (shown in background in photos).  Rip up a bunch of fashion magazines and create a collage based on what catches the eye.  This image board is a great tool and will be referred to throughout the week.
  • Tuesday - Design a bag.  Sketch and put together your "ticket".  A "ticket" describes what the item is, how it is assembled, and what fabrics it will contain.  This process helps a young designer think through their project and helps them manage their time.
  • Wednesday - Finish up the bag, then start on the next project: learning to knit!  Two easy stitches, knit and purl, will be taught and a headband will be knit throughout the week whenever time permits.
  • Thursday - Choose to create bracelets or a scarf.  With the fabrics, other interesting supplies provided, and the image board to be inspired by, add these new accessories to your accessory wardrobe.
  • Friday -  What better way to be envied at lunch but to bring said lunch in a re-useable and fashionable lunch bag!  With fabric, supplies provided, and pattern provided iron on or collage a fabric of your own and sew up a lunch bag.  Finish up any projects that need finishing and have a photo shoot to celebrate!

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