Back to School Fashion Camp, with Laura Twiss

August 20-24

You are heading back to school and you need to make a few items to wear to knock off the socks of your BFF!

Accessories are the key.  Easy to learn, easy to make, easy to wear and wear with style.

Head bands, bracelets, scarves, bags, etc.  Come with many ideas.  

Supplies are included!  Lunches are included. 

We'll lunch and taste the offerings of Hintonburg from the Hintonburger to The Table.  We'll eat healthily and frugally.

Course duration:  9am - 4pm July 30-August 3rd
Prerequisite:  Interest in designing and sewing!
Cost:  $322.05 hst included
Fabric and supplies:  included!

Besides, you might just make a few items for your best besty.  And, she'll love you for it!

  • Monday - create an image board (shown in background in photos).  Rip up a bunch of fashion magazines and create a collage based on what catches the eye.  This image board is a great tool and will be referred to throughout the week.
  • Tuesday - Design a bag.  Sketch and put together your "ticket".  A "ticket" describes what the item is, how it is assembled, and what fabrics it will contain.  This process helps a young designer think through their project and helps them manage their time.
  • Wednesday - Finish up the bag, then start on the next project: learning to knit!  Two easy stitches, knit and purl, will be taught and a headband will be knit throughout the week whenever time permits.
  • Thursday - Choose to create bracelets or a scarf.  With the fabrics, other interesting supplies provided, and the image board to be inspired by, add these new accessories to your accessory wardrobe.
  • Friday -  What better way to be envied at lunch but to bring said lunch in a re-useable and fashionable lunch bag!  With fabric, supplies provided, and pattern provided iron on or collage a fabric of your own and sew up a lunch bag.  Finish up any projects that need finishing and have a photo shoot to celebrate!

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Spring Fling Summer Camp, with Tonia Weber

July 30 to Aug 3rd

Attention future fashion designers! This course is for fashion-savvy teens who want to get into the world of fashion. Get Started Here 

Students will make 2 of 3 projects and can make the last one if they have time. Class will focus on a gathered skirt, a simple top, then both can be combined to make a dress.

Registration (14-16+)

Projects: A Gathered Skirt, Basic top, and if time permits a Fun dress

Learn various sewing techniques:
  • Sewing-machine basics
  • Tools and terminology
  • Stitches: regular straight-stitch, stay-stitch, top-stitch, edge-stitch, basting, stitch-in-the-ditch
  • Seam finishes: serging, zigzag, over-edge zigzag
  • What to look for in a fabric, right choice, and fabric prep
  • Preparing, marking, and cutting fabric
  • Reading a pattern
  • Installing elastic, waistbands, buttons, Pockets
  • Hemming a garment properly
  • Gathering
  • Selecting proper needle to use for fabric in sewing machine. 
  • Understanding thread tension and how to adjust. 
  • Tracing out a pattern and sizing
Supply list:
  • General sewing kit. 
    • Sewing machine
    • Good Fabric scissors
Course duration: 9am-4pm  July 30 - August 3
Prerequisite: Interest in designing and sewing!
Cost: $322.05 hst included
Fabric and supplies: To be provided by student during field trip

  • Monday - Fabricland- pick out fabric and purchase all material for the week 
  • Tuesday -Trace out pattern, cut and mark pattern on fabric.  Students are encouraged to make a minor change to the pattern. Eg. Length, layering, wider waistband. Start sewing.  
  • Wednesday -  Finish up first project and cut out second project.  Make any minor changes to pattern.  
  • Thursday - Start sewing second project.  
  • Friday - Finish all projects.  Fashion show for parents. 

Re-Vamp Camp, with Tonia Weber

July 3rd - July 6th

Customize your clothing with Tonia Weber

Attention future fashion designers, This course is for  fashion-savvy teens who want to Alter pre-existing clothing. Get Started Here

In this week long course, students get personalized instruction from Ottawa’s most fascinating designer,  Tonia Weber.

Registration (14-16+)

Learn various sewing techniques:
  • Sewing machine basics
  • Tools and terminology
  • Looking at changing an already existing garment, 
    • What to look for in a fabric and right choice to be made for outcome of garment. 
  • Stitches: regular straight-stitch, stay-stitch, top-stitch, edge-stitch, basting, stitch-in-the-ditch
  • Seam finishes: serging, zig-zaging
  • Installing elastic, waistbands, buttons, pockets, etc. 
  • Hemming a garment properly
  • Selecting proper needle to use for fabric in sewing machine
  • Understanding thread tension and how to adjust it
  • Where to cut garment
  • Embellishing
  • Hand sewing 
  • Heat transfers
  • Hand painting
  • And more!
Supply list to bring:
  • General sewing kit
    • Sewing machine
    • Good fabric scissors
Course duration: Tuesday, July 3rd to Friday July 6th
Prerequisite: Interest in designing and sewing!
Cost: $257.64 hst included
Fabric and supplies: To be provided by student during field trip.

  • Tuesday - Show students examples and talk about how samples were altered.  Off to Value village where the student can pick out 2 to 3 garments they would like to alter. We will discuss how to alter them and what is possible with the garments that they have chosen 
  • Wednesday - Start planning out how to alter garments. Making sure we have all the supplies needed to alter garment. Eg zipper, elastic. A brief discussion about sewing machines. Start altering garments.  
  • Thursday: Working on garments, making any changes on the way. 
  • Friday:  Finishing all projects, fashion show for parents.


Teen Fashion Camp, with Laura Twiss

July 16th - 20th

Teen Fashion Camp, ages 13-15
    • personalized instruction (only 4 students per camp)
    • 5 days per camp
    • 9am – 4pm (6 hrs of instruction per day; 1 hour lunch)
    • lunch included
    • supplies included
    • $285 per student

Keep your teenager engaged in learning while school is out. Twiss & Weber will teach your kid sewing skills that are not taught in most school systems. Your teen will come home having learned a new skill and with actual pieces they have made themselves. It is our goal to ensure your teenager is confident with a needle and thread and some machine sewing!

Here are some project examples to choose from:
  • Design and make a square pillow form and pretty pillow case
  • Design and make a fuzzy goofy toy
  • Design and make a bag to carry books and other precious items
  • Design a fabric and build a lunch bag
These are some skills which will be taught:
  • Time management
  • Cutting
  • Drafting patterns
  • Machine sewing
  • Straight sewing
  • Topstitching
  • Installing a zipper
  • Hand sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Appliqué
Your teenager will choose which project they want to make. They will be shown examples of finished projects and fabric samples. From there they will be given coloured pencils and paper and asked to “sketch” how their item will turn out. Collage, using magazine cut outs or fabric samples, is strongly encouraged. Your teenager will be taught throughout this project that they might make slight, or not so slight, adjustments as they create their piece. We will teach your teenager how to draft his/her item on paper and to transfer those ideas to fabric, creating a three-dimensional object.

Each teen will work at his/her own pace. Should your teenager complete one project, he or she may begin a new project.